Omaska New Design PP Luggage Set

  PP Trolley Cases generally have several materials 1. ABS trolley case 2. PC/ABS trolley case 3. PC trolley case 4. Oxford Bra Rod Case 5. PP trolley case Except for the fourth material of the trolley case, which is a soft cloth case, the rest are hard plastic shell trolley cases. ABS, PC/ABS, and PC are all extruded sheets, and then plastic-absorbed to make the box shell, the process is cumbersome and the efficiency is low. However, due to the low investment cost of equipment and molds, it is widely used in the production of trolley cases. In recent years, PP injection-molded trolley cases have gradually become popular, and PP materials have incomparable advantages over other luggage materials: 1. Good toughness, low temperature resistance and high impact strength 2. Light weight, more than 15% lighter than abs, 30% lighter than PC 3. The injection molding process has a high degree of automation and low labor costs 4. Low comprehensive cost   What’s the character of this group  3PCS set PP luggage suitcase? 1. PP  luggage 2. 20"24"28"   3pcs set 3. Double wheel 4. Aluminum trolley system 5. Inbuilt lock 6. Matching color 7. 210D polyester inside lining 8. Accept customize brand, OME/ODM order   9.1x40HQ container can load 600 sets ( 3 pcs set )

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