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Factory OEM ODM custom personalized bagage de voyage

Super practical! List of essential items for excursions

A trip that just walks away There must be a sum of money in the card Stick to it for another two weeks, and the May Day holiday will come. The colleagues in the office rubbed their expectant little hands and are ready to travel. Where are you all going to play during the 3-day holiday? No matter where you go, you must prepare the travel essentials list in advance to avoid being caught off guard. 0

1. ID card, bank card, and various preferential certificates

A. ID card: Nowadays, airplanes, trains, and hotels require ID card registration, and even city buses require real-name registration. Not to mention the tickets for various attractions. Without an ID card, even if you drive to a tourist attraction by yourself, you have to return without success. B. Student ID, Senior Citizen ID, Disabled ID, Military ID: Tickets are half cheaper than others, and there is no reason to forget to bring them, unless you can’t get along with the money

02. Cash, bank card

Although Alipay and WeChat are popular now, even the uncle who sells vegetables in the vegetable market can use it, but it is always right to bring a little change just in case. What if online payment is not supported?

03. Suitcases, backpacks

A. Suitcases of appropriate size: Suitcases are suitable for family trips, with large space and plenty of storage items. Especially for those traveling with babies at home, two-thirds of the luggage is estimated to be for children. B. Comfortable backpack: It is also good to be a short-distance backpacker. Remember to choose a comfortable backpack. After all, the weight of your luggage is on your shoulders. You don't want to watch the scenery all day.

04. Mobile phones, chargers, power banks

Everyone will never forget the mobile phone, but remember to unplug the charger at home and put it in your bag before you leave. I don't believe your battery can last for 3 days. If the battery consumes a faster mobile phone, remember to bring a power bank. When you’re away from home, your phone’s battery is more maddening than having no money on your body.

05. Clothing

During the three-day holiday, watch the weather forecast in advance and prepare suitable clothing. For three days, don’t have too many clothes. It’s enough to bring a change of clothes. Boys can go out with a pair of sneakers on their feet. Girls love beauty. If you want to take pictures, prepare a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes. It is better to wear sneakers when traveling and walking. They are comfortable and durable, and will not wear your feet. Hold live to enjoy the scenery for a day.

06. Sun protection products

You can use sunscreen and sun hats. UV rays are already strong in May, so you must take good care of sunscreen when you go out. Moms must pay attention. If you are traveling with your baby, you should also apply sunscreen to your baby, but you should use a baby-specific product. Don't be afraid of harming your baby's skin. If you don't apply sunscreen, it will hurt your baby's skin.

07. Hygiene products

Be sure to bring paper towels and wet wipes when packing your luggage. Girls have a spare sanitary napkin. You don't want to suddenly want to go to the toilet on the way but forget to bring a tissue. Moreover, most of the paper towels in restaurants outside are not up to hygiene standards, and cannot be used to touch the face, let alone wipe the mouth. Remember to bring a paper with you when you travel, it's safe and caring. The carry-on bag occupies a small area and has a large capacity, enough for one day's paper needs, so you can avoid embarrassment when you go out. Even if you take your baby to travel at home, a large amount of paper is used. Zhiyao has also introduced baby tissues, which add moisturizing factors to more care for the baby's delicate skin and feel at ease to touch.  

What’s the character of this model bagage de voyage ?

1. nylon material
2. 20″24″28″ bagage de voyage
3. Double wheel
4. Aluminum trolley system
5. OMASKA brand
6. With expandable part  ( 5-6CM )
7. 210D polyester inside lining
8. Accept customize brand, OME/ODM order
9.  With protection corner
10. Anti-theft zipper
11. TSA lock

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: 1 year

Which model is the most hot selling models of  your factory ?

8014# 4PCS set luggage is our most hot selling models

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