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Omaska factory wholesale hot selling 4 pcs set custom logo suitcase luggage bag


What to pay attention to when choosing a suitcase?

1. Tie rod: First of all, pay attention to the material of the tie rod. The material is aluminum alloy and divided into several sections. It is the top choice. Check whether the screw of the tie rod is firmly tightened and whether it is fast and smooth when pulled up and pushed down. Press the button and pull. Pull out the lever to see if it can be retracted freely, function is intact, and the design is reasonable. 2. Wheels: First look at the material of the runner. It is best to choose rubber wheels. Rubber wheels are not only soft and light, but also have low noise. Then check whether the surface of the wheel is shiny, and then check whether the wheel is firm and lift the suitcase. Leave the wheel on the ground, gently move it with your hand to make it idling to see if there is any shaking left and right, and finally put the box flat and pull it back and forth to see if the wheel rolls smoothly. 3. Combination lock: When choosing a suitcase, people will pay much attention to a combination lock. When buying a suitcase, first pay attention to check whether the line of the box around the lock is tight, whether the lock and the suitcase are connected naturally, pay attention to testing The performance of the suitcase lock, if it is a code lock, you can adjust a code at will to test whether it is normal. For those who often go out and need to check in, I especially recommend the new four-sided lock design suitcase, which is more firm and strong when checked. 4. The surface of the box body: whether it is a hard suitcase or a soft suitcase, check whether the surface of the shell is smooth and free of scars. Check whether the edges and corners of the box are smooth and not rough. Check whether the quality can bear the weight and withstand the impact. Put the box flat. , Put a heavy object on the box shell, you can also stand on the box and try it yourself. 5. Inside the box and zipper: first check whether the lining is compliant, whether the stitches are fine and uniform, whether the thread is exposed, whether there are wrinkles in the stitching, whether the elasticity of the clothing strap is sufficient, and the clothing strap is not used when the suitcase is not used. It should be kept in a relaxed state, so as not to lose elasticity when stretched for a long time. Pay attention to whether the zipper is smooth, whether there are missing teeth or misalignment, whether the stitched stitches are straight, whether the upper and lower threads are consistent, whether there are empty stitches or skipped stitches.

What’s the character of this model 4PCS set suitcase luggage bag ?

1. nylon material 2. 20″24″28″32" 4 PCS set suitcase luggage bag 3. Spinner single wheel 4. Iron trolley system 5. OMASKA brand 6. With expandable part  ( 5-6CM ) 7. 210D polyester inside lining 8. Accept customize brand, OME/ODM order 9.  Rubber logo

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: 1 year

Which model is the most hot selling models of  your factory ?

8014# 4PCS set luggage is our most hot selling models

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