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Product Description

Materia PP/ABS/ABS Aluminum Frame/Fabric Suitcase   Size   14”20”24”28”32”Inch( more size ,please click)
Logo Customize Log customized position Trolly/Linning/Zipper Puller/Metal Logo
With lock Real TSA Lock, Fake TSA Lock, Combination Lock Trolley Iron Tie Rod / Aluminum Tie Rod
Wheel 360 Degrees Double Wheel For Smooth Drive / Single Wheel Inner linning Customize
Design Customize Zipper Single Zipper / Anti Theft Zipper / Logo Customize
Gender Unisex Lace of origin Hebei,China
OEM/ODM Acceptable Certificate BSCI/ISO9001

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Luggage/Suitcase Product Introduction

Pp Luggage/Suitcase

Durability and service life: Pp material is known for its shock-absorbing properties. Luggage made of pp material has the characteristics of good impact resistance, sturdy structure, good waterproof and low weight, which can protect the items in the suitcase during they are protected from damage during transport by shock and rough handling, and are renowned for their ability to withstand the rigors of travel. Many customers have mentioned that it remains in good condition even after multiple trips. Lightweight design: Pp suitcases are lightweight and easy to carry. We have reduced the overall weight of the suitcases so that they can carry more items while maintaining strength. Safety functions: Pp suitcases can be equipped with code locks, explosion-proof zippers, etc. According to your requirements, so that passengers who are worried about the safety of their belongings can rest easy. Smooth movement: Pp luggage is equipped with 360° silent spinner wheels, allowing you to maneuver easily at the airport and other travel locations. And it is silent and will not affect other personnel. Well-designed interior space: Omaska® has continuously visited 30,000 travel enthusiasts and carefully designed the interior functional areas based on their feedback. The design maximizes packing space, compartments, which are useful for keeping items organized and safe. Easy to maintain: Pp luggage is easy to clean and maintain, if it is dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth, it can maintain a good appearance even after long-term use.

ABS Luggage/Suitcase

Durability: Abs luggage has always been highly praised for its durability. It's a favorite among travel enthusiasts for its ability to withstand the wear and tear of travel, including rough handling, without causing major damage. Lightweight structure: We designed the abs suitcase to be lightweight. Travelers find this feature helpful because abs luggage/suitcase can maximize luggage capacity while allowing luggage to not exceed the weight limit in certain places that have weight requirements for luggage. Anti-scratch: Abs luggage has a non-scratch surface, which helps maintain the beauty of its appearance and prevents the annoyance of accidentally scratching the surface during regular use. Affordable: Abs luggage is more competitively priced, making it an economical choice for travelers on a budget. Various styles and colors: Abs suitcases are available in a variety of styles, designs and colors, and we accept customization. Allowing customers to choose luggage that matches their personal preferences and travel needs. Spacious interior: We design abs suitcases with efficient storage in mind, we provide ample interior space with compartments and pockets to effectively sort and store your belongings. And we accept customization of compartments and pockets. Easy maintenance: Abs material is easy to clean and maintain, which ensures that the luggage stays looking great after many trips.

Aluminum Frame Luggage/Suitcase

Excellent durability: The aluminum frame luggage is made of abs and pc materials, it has passed extremely strict quality control testing standards. Highly respected for its exceptional durability. The sturdy frame withstands rough handling and protects the contents of the suitcase. Appearance: The aluminum frame suitcase has a fashionable and business-like appearance, making it suitable for business trips, travel and other business occasions. Lightweight and sturdy: The aluminum frame strikes a balance between strength and weight, providing a sturdy structure while keeping luggage relatively light, which is important for air travel. Anti-scratch and impact resistant: The outer material of the aluminum frame suitcase is scratch-resistant and able to withstand impacts, which allows you to travel without having to pay special attention to the suitcase getting bumped during transportation, helping to maintain its appearance. Beautiful and effective in protecting your personal belongings from damage. Multiple styles and sizes: You can choose from our different styles and size combinations to suit your personal preferences and accommodate different types of travel. And we support customization to meet all your design requirements for the suitcase. Make it highlight your taste. Long service life: The aluminum frame box is corrosion-resistant and has good impact resistance due to its material. Many customers report that aluminum frame luggage has a long lifespan and is a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Fabric Luggage/Suitcase

Various styles/designs: Fabric luggage/suitcase can meet your unique design due to its soft and elastic material, and has diverse designs. This allows you to choose luggage that suits your personal preferences and travel needs. Soft side flexibility: The sides of the fabric luggage are soft, which allows it to bend and fit into tight spaces in overhead bins or car trunks, maximizing transport efficiency. Soft exterior: The soft exterior of the fabric luggage makes it more forgiving when in contact with other items or surfaces, which helps protect your other belongings from damage during transportation. Exterior pockets: Fabric suitcases are equipped with exterior pockets for quick access to items such as travel documents or personal electronics during your trip. Expandable capacity: Fabric luggage has expandable compartments to provide extra packing space when you need it while maintaining a compact size when not full. Versatility: With its adaptability and style options, fabric luggage is suitable for all types of travel, from business trips to leisure vacations. Comfortable handles: The fabric suitcase is equipped with comfortable and ergonomically designed handles, making you more comfortable and reducing hand pressure when going up stairs. Large space is more durable: Compared with pp/abs/aluminum frame luggage, fabric luggage is slightly larger at the same size, which makes the fabric luggage have a larger capacity. And the fabric material is stronger and more durable. Product Details  
1.Material of luggage/suitcase 2.Luggage/suitcase lining color, material and logo can be        customized
3.Luggage/suitcase internal mesh pockets can be customized 4.Luggage/suitcase tie rod iron tie rod / aluminum tie rod are available
5.Luggage/suitcase Various types of handles are available 6.Luggage/suitcase Various sliders and logos can be customized
7.Luggage/suitcase zipper single zipper / anti theft zipper available 8.Luggage/suitcase 360° double wheel for smooth drive / single wheel available
9.Luggage/suitcase elastic band can be customized 10.Luggage/suitcase Waterproof bags can be customized according to your needs
11.Luggage/suitcase password lock real tsa lock, fake tsa lock, combination lock are available
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Why Omaska® factory luggage manufacturing has advantages 1.Omaska® has 20 years of export experience 2.Omaska® products are sold in more than 150 countries around the world 3.Omaska® has more than 30 agents around the world 4.Omaska® actively participates in various domestic and foreign exhibitions 5. Omaska® usually has various standard products in stock 6.Omaska® has 10 advanced production lines 7.Omaska® has a professional design team 8.Omaska® has a strict quality inspection system and a professional quality inspection team 9.Omaska® has a complete after-sales system and 7*24 hours online customer service 10.Omaska® supports oem/odm/obm 11.Omaska® promises to produce design drawings in 3 hours and samples in 1 day Omaska® insists on making products with heart 1. We insist on using high-quality raw materials 2. We strictly control every production detail from production to delivery. 3. For transportation, we have professional packaging solutions to ensure that every product is delivered to your hands completely. Omaska® service Before sale 1.Multiple color models to choose from 2.Can be customized according to your needs 3.Designers with more than 10 years of design experience provide you with 7*24 professional services Sale 1. Raw material procurement and quality inspection 2. Quality control in all aspects of production 3. Professional packaging and transportation solutions for goods After sale 1.Regular return visits 2.Product warranty for 12 months 3.Provide professional sales advice and operational guidance