OMASKA® warehouse has been relocated.

OMASKA warehouse

OMASKA is thrilled to announce a significant increase in sales as we continue to strive for excellence and serve our valued clients. As the demand for our high-quality baggage items grows, the original warehouse can no longer satisfy our sales, thus we will be moving to a larger, more contemporary warehouse to ensure that we not only meet, but surpass your expectations.

OMASKA understands the critical role of timely and efficient delivery in enhancing your travel experience and has therefore relocated to this state-of-the-art warehouse. Situated in the heart of our logistics centre, our new warehouse not only expands our storage capacity, allowing us to accommodate a wider range of products, but also ensures your favorite luggage options are always in stock.

Our new warehouse is specifically designed to meet the delicate needs of the luggage industry. With an advanced inventory management system and a professional logistics team, we will streamline our operations, reduce processing time, and guarantee that our products remain in factory condition from our warehouse to yours.

Our warehouses are designed with the future in mind, incorporating industry-specific cutting-edge technology. From climate control technologies that safeguard material integrity to route planning that expedites packaging and shipment, every element is meticulously considered to guarantee that every OMASKA product is delivered in the best possible condition.

This expansion is more than just an increase in space; it’s a testament to our dedication to growth and innovation. With this enhanced capacity, OMASKA is now poised to introduce an even more diverse range of luggage products, respond swiftly to market trends, and embark on new ventures with confidence.

In 2024, our commitment to you remains unchanged: to deliver exceptional luggage products, high-quality services, and to accompany you on every journey in a dependable and fashionable manner. This upgrade is both a thank you for your trust and support, as well as incentive to continue pursuing excellence.

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