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     Professional Luggage Manufacturer                                                                                           OMASKA®, with 25 years of experience in luggage manufacturing, boasts three modern production lines for suitcases and five for backpacks. We offer a range of services including product design, OEM ODM OBM services, accessory exports, and semi-finished product exports. This expertise and infrastructure enable OMASKA to meet the various requirements of the luggage industry, from initial design to final product export.


Why choose us as your partner?

1.25 years of experience in luggage manufacturing.

2.Possesses various international certifications.

3.Supports OEM, ODM, OBM.

4.Rapid prototyping in 7 days.

5.On-time delivery.

6.Strict quality testing standards.

7.24*7 online customer service.

Our factory

omaska product customization process

1.Design Department

We understand that personalization is key in today’s society. Our strong design team allows you to customize, enabling you to express your style. From color choices to material selections, create a piece of luggage that truly aligns with your personal taste.Our approach starts with you. We delve deeply into understanding your needs, whether it’s for business travel, family vacations, or solo adventures. Our team of expert designers listens to your preferences, observes current travel trends, and anticipates future needs, ensuring that every Omaska product is not just stylish, but also practical and durable.

2.Sample making workshop

Our Sample Production Workshop is the crucial bridge between design and mass production. This space is where we test, adjust, and perfect. Once our design team finalizes the blueprints, our Sample Production Workshop takes the reins. Here, experienced hands and keen minds transform these designs into physical samples. Our pattern makers do more than just follow instructions; they infuse life into the designs, ensuring that every vision is vividly brought to life before your eyes.Our pattern makers are not just skilled craftsmen; they are the guardians of our quality standards. With years of experience, they understand the subtle differences in materials, the importance of precision, and the value of each stitch. Their expertise lies not only in adhering to the blueprints but also in adding that perfect look and feel that only human hands and eyes can achieve.

3.Advanced production equipment

We possess the most advanced manufacturing tools and production equipment, featuring three modernized luggage production lines and five backpack production lines, each designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. These lines are more than just a series of machines; they are the arteries of innovation, ensuring that every product we manufacture meets your expectations in efficiency, precision, and consistency.

Our greatest strength is our team of experienced employees. Their skilled hands and insightful minds are the driving force behind our high-quality products. With years of industry experience, our workers have a deep understanding of materials, craftsmanship, and the complexities of production. They are not just employees; they are artisans committed to creating the best.

Every step of our production process, from the initial cutting of fabric to the final stitching, is meticulously overseen. Our workers ensure that each product not only meets but exceeds our stringent quality standards. When you choose our products, you are choosing a commitment to excellence.

4.Sample room

We understand that staying ahead means keeping up with the constantly evolving market. Our Sample Room is continuously updated with the latest products, ensuring that what you see is always at the cutting edge of industry trends.Although we focus on diversity, we never compromise on quality. Every item in our Sample Room has been meticulously selected for its excellence in both form and function. We believe that a great product is not just about following trends; it’s about setting new standards in quality and innovation. In the OMASKA Sample Room, we redefine excellence in quality and innovation.Our Sample Room is more than just a display; it is the beginning of our collaboration. Whether you are a buyer seeking to stock the latest products, or a purchaser looking for the newest trends, our Sample Room is your gateway to the best the market has to offer.

Products we produce


Our main products are PP Luggage, ABS Luggage, ABS+PC Luggage, Aluminum Frame Luggage, Fabric Luggage, Smart Luggage

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Our products are Business BackpackCasual Backpack, Hard shell backpack, Smart Backpack, School Backpack, Laptop Bag

Customization/production process


1.Product Design: For each order, whether you provide a picture or your ideas, we will discuss and improve with you to ensure the product is exactly to your liking.

2.Raw Material Procurement: Thanks to our 25 years of experience in luggage production, we can purchase raw materials at the most favorable prices, saving costs for you.

3.Manufacturing: Each step of the production process is carried out by workers with over 5 years of experience, ensuring every product is a masterpiece of perfection.

4.Quality Inspection: Every product undergoes our strictest quality checks. Only those that pass inspection are delivered to you.

5.Transportation: We have a comprehensive logistics and transportation system. Whether it’s packaging or transportation, we have the best solutions. While ensuring the safe delivery of goods, we also aim to save on your transportation costs and increase your profits.

Meet OMASKA at the Exhibition


At OMASKA, we firmly believe in connecting and establishing ties with the world. Our enthusiastic participation in various international trade fairs is a testament to our commitment to providing a range of high-quality luggage products to customers around the globe.By actively participating in trade fairs, we are embracing the global market. These platforms enable us to understand diverse customer needs and preferences, which in turn influences our product development. We are not merely participants; we are contributors. We actively engage in the global dialogue about quality, style, and functionality.